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The NICP is Proud to Announce the 2015 Training Schedule
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CPTED for Healthcare Facilities
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• Welcome to CPTED Training - On Site Training


Let the NICP, Inc. come to you for your training needs!

At NICP, Inc. we understand the difficulty many organizations have in sending their personnel to distant locations for training. Many organizations cannot spare the personnel, needed travel time, and cost, especially in such trying times. That is why we provide CPTED training at your location. Our Instructors will travel to your location to conduct your CPTED training class. We will also customize a training course for you from the topics listed. The courses include:

  • 40 hour Basic CPTED (field reviews)
  • 24 hour Basic CPTED
  • 24 hour Advanced CPTED
  • 40 hour CPTED in Schools (field reviews)
  • 8 Hour CPTED for Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of on site training:

  • Tailor training content
  • Eliminate travel time and cost
  • Allows for a greater number of participants from your organization to attend
  • Create a standard of CPTED training for your organization
  • Match organizational needs to course materials

All on site training is done by contract with your organization. If interested please contact  the NICP at 864-608-4894 for requirements, pricing, and scheduling.



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