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Kevin Kent CPD

Project Manager Guidepost Solutions
Work 260 Madison Avenue Third Floor New York New York 10016 Home Novi Michigan Work Phone: 347-880-0753 Cell Phone: 810-358-7731 Initial Date CPD Earned: March 26, 2021 Date CPD Expires: March 26, 2025 Website: Guidepost Solutions


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As a project manager for Guidepost, Mr. Kent supports several clients and engagements in a variety of verticals. He performs physical and technical security assessments, reviews and develops security policies and procedures, evaluates security program operations, provides security and safety training, and supports the implementation of new security technology programs from design through installation oversight and commissioning. As a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) practitioner, Mr. Kent provides industry-leading best practices and recommendations for implementing realistic and cost-effective CPTED solutions for improvements in the proper design and effective use of built environments.