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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional Designation (CPD)

Seth Roderick PE

Managing Partner Monteverde Engineering & Design Studio
Work 250 E. Elizabeth Street, Suite 114 Harrisonburg VA 22802 United States Cell Phone: 5408200898 Initial Date CPD Earned: November 6, 2014 Date CPD Expires: December 31, 2022


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I am the founder and managing partner of Monteverde Engineering & Design Studio, an engineering and land development consulting firm located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. In this role, I assist a variety of clients with property entitlement, site design, and transportation-related projects. Land development services include project exploration and feasibility, zoning and special use entitlements, land use master planning, civil site plans, landscape design, etc. Transportation services include traffic impact analyses, roadway design and permitting, signal design, and construction management. My 18+ years of experience have been spent serving a multitude of clients, ranging from private land developers to public municipalities, and from health care service providers to institutions of higher education.

In addition to being registered as a Professional Engineer (in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina), I am a registered CPTED Professional Designee (CPD). I believe strongly in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles, and strive to incorporate them in the designs I oversee, creating both long-term safety and aesthetic value in my land development projects.