Have the NICP CPTED Training Courses Come To You!

At NICP, Inc. we understand the difficulty many organizations have in sending their personnel to distant locations for training. Many organizations cannot spare the personnel, needed travel time, and cost. That is why we provide CPTED training at your location. Our Instructors will travel to your location to conduct your CPTED training class.

The courses include:

  • A 5 Day (40 hour) Basic CPTED course covers an Introduction to CPTED, CPTED Strategies and Concepts, Lighting, Fencing, Landscaping, Planning & Zoning, Overlay Districts, and Site Plan Review & Report Writing. Practical exercises include a Neighborhood Design Charrette, Site Plan Review, and a CPTED Field Assessment with a team Presentation. At the end of the course the participants take the first of two exams required for earning the CPD. The cost of the 40-hour course is for up to 50 participants. The hosting agency provides the sites for the students to conduct the assessments. This course is the initial class needed to earn the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation (CPD). Here is the link to our web page that provides more information about the CPD.


  • A 3 Day (24 hour) Advanced CPTED course which includes specialized topics such as CPTED and Schools, Terrorism, Traffic Calming, Public Art, Color and Human Behavior, and Parks. The cost is for up to 50 participants. At the end of the course the participants take the second of two exams required for earning the CPD. This is the second course required to earn the CPD.


  • A 2 Day (16 Hour) Specialized Topics course which cover focused topics within CPTED for those that want to add to their CPTED knowledge.  These courses can also be used to renew the NICP’s CPTED Professional Designation which is required every four years. The cost is for up to 50 participants. The specialized topic courses are:
      • CPTED and Placemaking – instructor Tom Wyatt
      • CPTED and Parks – instructor Jamie Rae Walker, PhD
      • CPTED and Houses of Worship – instructor Jay Toth
      • CPTED for Schools – instructor Jay Toth
      • CPTED Communities – instructor Art Hushen
      • CPTED and Physical Security (Conducting a CPTED Security Survey) – instructor Mark Schreiber
      • CPTED and Cannabis Facilities – instructor William Wann

For these courses the host organization can offer an open enrollment for people from outside your organization and set a fee for them to attend. The NICP will assist in promoting an open enrollment class by including the class on the NICP’s training calendar and in email newsletters.

The host organization requirements for the training are to provide the training site, video screen, audio visual equipment, and the printed course manual for the participants.  The onsite training cost listed includes airfare, hotel, ground transportation, per diem, and all instructor fees. Participants are allowed access to our online CPTED Library which contains sample CPTED reports, report templates, support documents, CPTED studies and journals.


Benefits of on site training:

  • Eliminate travel time and cost
  • Allows for a greater number of participants from your organization to attend
  • Create a standard of CPTED training for your organization
  • Match organizational needs to course materials
  • Build your CPTED team by including participants from multiple departments in one class

All on site training is done by contract with your organization. If interested please contact the NICP at 864-608-4894 for requirements, pricing, and scheduling.

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